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GP & Specialist Obstetricians

Eligible fields of practice and subsidies

To access locum support from Rural LAP you must be a specialist or general practice (GP) obstetrician in the public or private sector located in rural and remote Australia.

Eligible specialist host organisations receive a subsidy of $500 plus GST per working day for GP obstetricians or $700 per working day for specialist obstetricians.

Rural LAP will pay the locum’s accommodation and travel costs plus an allowance of $100 per day for meals and incidentals.

How our program works

Rural LAP offers a simple, streamlined process for requesting locum support.

We’re here to make things easy for you.

At least two weeks before your leave, request locum support by completing the application form and providing permission from your organisation to approve the locum placement. Once received, a program officer will confirm the details and begin searching the locum register for suitable locums who match your desired skill set.

Suitable candidates will be contacted by email and asked to express their interest within 48 hours. The CVs of all interested candidates will be sent to you for your review and to make a decision. Rural LAP will then notify the successful candidate.

Travel, accommodation and the contract of engagement for the locum are arranged by our program officers. Once these have been finalised, you will be notified of the travel itinerary by one of our travel coordinators. You are only responsible for paying the base salary of the locum, Rural LAP pays for the locum’s travel, accommodation and incentives.

You will need to arrange a comprehensive handover with the locum before and after the placement to ensure proper orientation of the health service and continuity of care for patients. Once the placement is completed we ask that you complete and submit a feedback form.

Should there be an issue with travel or accommodation – or if the locum withdraws from the role – you will be notified and the issue will be resolved by our program officers to the best of their ability. All efforts will be made to ensure that a suitable locum will cover your period of leave.

Your eligibility

A variety of settings are eligible for locum support placements under the program including hospitals, health practices/clinics, Aboriginal medical services, non-government organisations, community health centres and others.

You must be geographically and/or professionally isolated

In assessing the rurality of the locum placement, the Modified Monash Model (MMM) will be used. The MMM uses seven categories to classify geographic locations:

  1. Major cities of Australia (1)
  2. Inner and outer regional Australia that are in, or within 20km road distance, of a town with a population >50,000 (2)
  3. Inner and outer regional Australia that are not in MMM 2 and are in, or within 15km road distance, of a town with a population between 15,000 and 50,000 (3)
  4. Inner and outer regional Australia that are not in MMM 2 or MMM 3, and are in, or within 10km road distance, of a town with a population between 5,000 and 15,000 (4)
  5. Inner and outer regional Australia in all other areas not yet classified (5)
  6. Remote Australia that is not on a populated island separated from the mainland in the ABS geography and is more than 5km offshore (6)
  7. Very remote Australia and areas on a populated island that is separated from the mainland in the ABS geography and are more than 5km offshore (7).

Eligible applicants must be located within categories 2 to 7 except Aboriginal medical services which may be located in any category. The level of rurality will be used to prioritise applications.

You must be seeking locum support to cover permanent employee leave only

You may be eligible for up to 14 days for placements in MMM categories 2-4 and up to 28 days for placements in MMM categories 5-7 (noting that priority will be given to placements with a CPD component or located in MMM categories 6 and 7).

Organisations employed by the state or territory located between MMM categories 2-4 are not eligible to apply for locum support. 

Locum support will not be provided for vacant positions.

At least two weeks’ notice be given

Requests for locum support must be made at least two weeks prior to the commencement of the placement. Short notice applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Employing the locum must benefit the participant and/or the local community

To determine eligibility, you should demonstrate how employing a locum will benefit you and/or your local community.

Frequency of previous locum support and feedback concerning previous placements

When considering an application for support, Rural LAP will take into consideration previous locum support at your organisation as well as any feedback provided back to us. This will help Rural LAP determine the most suitable way to provide support.

Other demonstrated need for locum support

Applications that don’t meet the criteria above may be approved. Use your application form to describe your need for a locum and Rural LAP will consider it.