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Aged Care Services

Our focus is supporting aged care facilities in rural and remote locations impacted by sudden departures leading to a vacant position, annual leave, and continuing professional development (CPD) training. We find suitable locums to back-fill positions, ensuring service delivery continues for rural and remote aged care services across Australia.

Positions eligible for locum cover to support workforce shortages include:

Our aged care program ensures that:

  • older Australians who require aged care services in rural and remote locations experience continuity of quality care and clinical leadership
  • aged care services in rural and remote locations experiencing high turnover or sudden departures can access a temporary workforce while they recruit permanent members to their team
  • new team members are available, suitable and well-prepared to undertake a locum placement or permanent relocation.

We provide:

  • access to a temporary locum workforce while team members take leave, attend CPD training or recruitment is undertaken
  • permanent relocation payments and annual retention bonuses for approved aged care professionals working in MM 4-7 locations.

Rural LAP is responsible for all the administration associated with recruiting appropriate locums. We arrange and cover all payments for our locum’s travel, accommodation, and incentives during their placement. There are no fees or charges to your aged care service. You are only responsible for paying the usual wages (including penalties, superannuation and applicable taxes) for the placement period.