A locum journey with Rural LAP

In the ever-changing healthcare landscape, the locum role has become increasingly vital, particularly in rural and remote areas where access to medical professionals can be challenging. 

The Rural Locum Assistance Program (Rural LAP) locums are fully credentialled and supported by our Program Officers as we provide targeted locum support services to healthcare professionals throughout rural and remote Australia. Below, we talk with Marqueney Blitz about her experience with Rural LAP. 

Marqueney moved to Australia from New Zealand and is a Registered Nurse with 15 years of experience. She joined Rural LAP in 2019, starting her first placement in Karratha, Western Australia. A benefit of being a locum with Rural LAP is the flexibility of short contracts with the option to stay longer. We organise all your travel and accommodation, and as a result, you can travel Australia, experiencing the landscapes and sights while providing much-needed support to the community. 

During her time with Rural LAP, Marqueney has had the opportunity to travel to South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Her best memories with the program came when she spent three years travelling back and forth to Alice Springs, where she has made lifelong friends. During her time in Alice Springs, Marqueney was supported by a clinic manager and the clinic doctors, and said “the team were all very supportive and welcoming, and make you feel like a part of the team from the moment you arrive”. 

When taking a placement with Rural LAP, we consider your personal needs. Where possible, your flights and travel align with the responsibilities you have at home. Accommodation is clean and functional, provides laundry facilities and is self-contained, making being away from home really easy.

“The heat in some of the towns is relentless, and sometimes the flies will drive you wild, but if you haven’t eaten a few flies in your life as a locum – you haven’t lived!” 

When you join Rural LAP as a locum nurse, you will experience environments and situations you are unlikely to encounter within inner-city hospitals. You will have opportunities to put your skills to the test to provide the best quality care to your patients. In some clinics, you will also have the chance to do community nursing shifts, offer palliative care, care for post-op patients and home care visits. 

Marqueney added, “I am so grateful to have been introduced to Rural LAP and the opportunities they have given me to see this amazing country that I now call home. I am looking forward to the future of new places and new placements”. 

Learn more about Rural LAP and apply for our Locum Register - https://bit.ly/48Ve3Oc   

Join Marqueney and help make a difference in rural and remote Australia.

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